Service and repairs of laundry machines Meron a.s. provides service and repairs of laundry machines externally at clients' place. Big or complicated repairs, e.g. of washing drums, which have to be dynamically balanced after its mending on the balancing machine, are carried out in the workshop. Repairs of gearboxes, hydraulic clutches and other more complicated parts are provided similar way. To speed it up we can offer, for such repairs exchange for new part. In such case the client is invoiced only the really used material and labour pursuant to the spare parts manual and our hourly charged rates. Spare parts prices are set by the price list valid minimally six months. The inflation and price change of the incoming material affect spare parts prices. If required, we can make preliminary calculation for a client of every more extensive order. Because of the repairs diversity it is possible to agree with a client on an individual approach. MERON a.s. overhauls high-density industrial washing machines PAC 120 and PAC 181 including rebuilding, complete renovation and modernisation. Complete overhauling and modernisation of the washing machine takes over three months and that is why we offer also a possibility of the overhauling by exchange. The advantage of such procedure is that the exchange of the washing machine is done within five working days. Loss of the client's working capacity is minimal. The overhauled and modernised washing machine satisfies current requirements of harmonised standards. Declaration of conformity is issued for the modernised washing machine. The washing machine after the modernisation is delivered in version APM 120 E or APM 210 E. There is 12 months guarantee provided for such washing machines starting from the date of putting into operation. Based on the client's requirement the overhaul could be done without modernisation in the original execution PAC 120 or PAC 181. Extend of the repair is specified in technical conditions, which are an appendix to the contract for work. Also the warranty conditions are a subject of the agreement between provider and client.