Meron a.s. offers its services for over 10 years to range o industrial laundries and other users of laundry technology both in the Czech Republic and abroad. It concerns hospital laundries which are contractually serviced or our machines were sold there.

Czech Republic

Our clients are e.g. Laundry Kyselý a.s., hospital Česká Lípa, District hospital in Jičín, hospital Milosrdných bratří in Letovice, psychiatric hospital in Opava, psychiatric hospital in Brno Černovice, custody jail in Opava, OKD and OKK in Ostrava, etc.

Our no less important clients are Czech army and Czech jail service.

There was produced and sold big capacity dyeing machine APM 180KB with card programmer to PRO-LEN s.r.o. company in Šumperk in September 2002. We supplied another dyeing machine to the same company in October 2003.

There was made a modernisation of special washing machine PAC 91A for nuclear power station Temelín in June 2003.

Foreign countries

We supplied six heavy capacity barrier washing machines to Russian Ministry of Transportation in 2000 and 2001 and we executed an overhauling of two washing machines PAC 181. Hospital in Čadca, PeLiM, Inprokom spol. s r.o. Bratislava, hospital in Žilina, Bath Trenčianské Teplice, ZDRAVSERVIS s.r.o. Košice etc. rank among our regular clients in Slovakia. We supplied two APM 120 E washing machines to PRALMAG servis company in Katowice Poland in 2005.