Industrial washing machines made to order are subject to an exceptional care based in running check of all used components, testing and control of the finished machine and the outgoing inspection. Washing machines satisfy all current qualitative and safety requirements of the European standards.

The washing machines APM 120 K and APM 180 K were also certified for Russian Federation and the certification institution Gosstandart issued the declaration of conformity.

Imported machines IMESA are characterized by high quality and reliability. IMESA company is certified by the ISO 9001 quality system.

The APM type washing machines were inspected by TŰV CZ s.r.o. (authorised person No. 211, id. No. 1017) which issued the report No. 955/70/10/BT/IZ/S of July the 27th 2010. The conformity is confirmed by the certificate No. 01.979.184/10/07/02/O of July the 22th 2010 issued by certification institution of products TŰV CZ s.r.o., Novodvorská 994, Praha 4, PSČ 142 21.

Certificate TŰV CZ Certificate GOSSTANDART Certificate TSÚ Certificate ISO
Certificate TŰV CZ Certificate GOSSTANDART Certificate TSU Piestany Certificate ISO
Certificate TUV SK Certifikát PaČ    
Certificate TSU APM Certificate PaC